Studio Hourly Rate


Our recording process and pro gear make sure you sound your absolute best!  Our hourly rate includes:


  • One hour of studio time
  • Accompanist
  • mp3s of your recordings

Performer Membership


Get featured in our online showcase, which attracts thousands of visitors a month!

Membership includes:

  • A customizable Performer Page
  • Use it as your website, or drive traffic to your existing website
  • Login to your account to:
    • Post YouTube or Vimeo videos of your performances (singing, acting, dancing)
    • Create custom text (bio, news, etc.)
    • Get featured in our online showcase, which attracts thousands of visitors a year.
  • 10% discount on our hourly studio rate for recording your vocal demo.
  • Your credit card will be automatically billed at the start of the billing cycle you select below. Choose the option that works best for your budget.
The subscription payment options

Teens & Kids Pricing

Looking for pricing for Teens & Kids Recording Packages?  Click here!


Questions? We are here to help!

Student Package


Available exclusively to students currently enrolled in university or college theatre programs, this package includes everything a young professional performer needs for a great online presence, and at an affordable rate:

  • 1 hour studio time to record your vocal demo
  • 1 year BroadwayDemo Membership (renewable at just $59/year)
  • 10% off any future recording time (while membership is active)
  • Use your BroadwayDemo page as an affordable stand-alone website (free support for setting up, or use your page to drive traffic to your existing website
  • Download your demo tracks at any time for free
  • Log on to your page at any time to update your page content.
  • Your page included in our Showcase for increased exposure to industry (casting directors, agents, etc.)

Plus, when 10 or more students from the same school purchase this package, BroadwayDemo will also include:

  • A Showcase page dedicated to your school.  View University of Northen Colarado and Belmont sample pages.
  • We will travel to your school to record student demos (with administration consent).

One year after purchase, a membership fee will automatically be charged to your credit card based on the billing option you select below.  You may also cancel your membership at any time.

The subscription payment options