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Selected Roles

Cats: In ConcertRumpleteazer / DemeterStreet Theatre Company
GypsyTessie TuraThe Larry Keeton Theatre
GreaseFrenchyChaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre
CarolerAlto/Soprano alt.American Caroling Company f/k/a Nashville Caroling Company


Berklee College of MusicProfessional Music


A native of Whiting, Maine, Monykah fell in love with theatre at a young age through PBS specials and touring groups on the rare occasion they would stop in Maine. She jumped at every chance to perform, which began with once a week dance classes, or in middle school in the band program learning everything she could about live performance. Instrumental music was the only program available at that time, and she clung to it with fervor. The music teacher, Sandy Griswold, was so encouraging of students' enthusiasm for music that she broadened the spectrum of opportunities with festivals, competitions, cabaret-style community based concerts, parades, and more.  Grant Awards to Griswold provided short session choral studies; the only formal vocal opportunities for area youth. Through high school Monykah trained in vocal studies with various mentors including Dr. Ludlow Hallman- retiring renowned University of Maine Orono professor of music, instrumental jazz (alto saxophone) under the supervision of Norm Vincent, symphonic music and musical theatre with her high school teachers Patrick Michaud and Heidi Corliss, and as much community theatre as possible. Her training also included classical dance under direction of The Robinson Ballet Company. She earned her Bachelor of Music at Berklee College of Music, landing in Nashville, Tennessee shortly thereafter where she is now pursuing her career in musical theatre. 



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