When I Look at You

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I'm your biggest fan!

Mallory, You sound great. You are a fabulous singer, actor and most of all, a fabulous person. You are a star! Can't wait to see your next show! Love you, Janet
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Fan Club

Mallie!!!! You know I'm a fan and extremely proud of you. Yesterday a team at UDA performed to Dela Rosa and I cried thinking about you singing that for me at my last Dance Mania banquet. You are so beautiful and amazingly talented. Winona Judd missed out meeting us behind BCC. LOL
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Love this

Is this how I become a fan? I am already, but want to make it official
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that voice

You are like a breath of fresh air.. Your talent and personality will see you far... what a talent GOD gave you and thank you for sharing it with all of us.
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That Voice!!!!!!

Class act, all around sweetie! Your voice melted me way back in the early EGCC days, and it still melts me. I'm now just a puddle of water on the ground. :-) You are a gem!!!!!!!!
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All day!

I could listen to you sing all day!!